Review of 2008 Track Season

First Track Season Write-Up

What a year.

From the first auto-x at Giants Stadium in near death weather, to my final track day ending up on a trailer due to a grenaded clutch.  What a great season.

I learned a lot about myself and my driving this year.

In terms of auto-x I learned that sometimes you need to give up speed in order to carry momentum.  Unfortunately a few of the tracks that I auto-x’ed at were not made for the E46 M3 it would seem, but to see Lightwerkz and HossMP and other E46 M3 guys step up and do well…well it makes me realize I am still new at this but I am learning a lot.  The car is great and she will forever be in my garage.

In terms of tracking — well I am absolutely obsessed.  From my first track day at Poconos East, to the next event which was 2 day event @ Watkins Glen, a 1 day event at Thunderbolt, 1 day event at Lightning, a 2 day event (1 at Tbolt, the other 1 at Lightning), and a 1 day event to end the season at Thunderbolt.  Totaling 7 track days this year.

I can say that my first event at Poconos was really great, but the 2 days I spent at Watkins Glen really got me comfortable with my car and more importantly being able to carry speeds in turns I would be scared at previously.  I got to go on a ride with The Dough and Hopofthese at Watkins Glen and that truly was a big wake up call.  I was so convinced that the E46 M3 was heavy and not as agile as the E36, but seriously, this car is insane.  It can do things that seem unreal, but are all just part of the tracking experience.

At thunderbolt, I moved up to Intermediate group.  I did this mostly because I still could have an instructor, but also felt like the many autox that I had gone to kind of made me feel more comfortable with my car, compared to being in Green, which is really for people on the track for the first time.  What made it fun was having an instructor that I knew and also being on the track with fellow friends.  It was fun to see their lines and also to run the M train!

The lightning event was another wake up call.  I was so confident after the thunderbolt event, I kind of pushed it too hard and almost went off track.  It was a great time, but it also taught me to use my car more to its potential.  The reason I say this was I went out and really pushed it the first lap and I “didn’t like” the track at the time.  I just kept cruising instead of learning the track.  By the end of the day I got to like it a bit more, but really fell in love with Lightning at NJMP during my 2 day event there.

Unfortunately, the last event of the season was a bummer for me.  It was a 1 day event at NJMP and i only completed 2 sessions, 1 in the wet, the 2nd was full of traffic, and the 3rd ended w/me blowing my clutch and being towed off the track.

Definitely getting the Raven Roll Bar, some harnesses, and the traqmate.

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