Please don’t step on my yellow suede shoes.

It was 1997.  I was driving on a road that leads me to the George Washington Bridge with my dad and spotted a 1997 993 Porsche Turbo S Arctic Silver / Black w/Yellow seatbelts and…. Yellow Brakes.  I was in love.  The yellow brakes and the yellow seat belts sold me.  I knew that when the time would come, I would find any opportunity what so ever to get yellow brakes.

In january, I upgraded my brakes to the CSL Brakes.  I believed, and still do believe, that upgraded rotors, stainless steel lines, race brake pads, and race brake fluid is the cheapest and best brake upgrade that you can get.

During my liquidation sale a few months ago, I decided to upgrade to a BBK with the money i made in the sale.  I contacted Vivid who had the Alcon 4 wheel kits, but that was too much money for me.  I then contacted Simon @ Rennspec about Brembos. TOo much again.

I then decided to go with Stoptech. I chose Stoptech for a few reasons

1) price

2) plethora of pads to choose from

3) ease of use (no need to remove caliper off rotor to swap pads

I ordered the kit through Simon and was told that they would take about 6-8 weeks to be delivered since Stoptech is always order, and I paid extra to make sure my brakes were in YELLOW!


Stoptech ST-40 Yellow 4 Piston Calipers

355mm Zinc Coated

Now people always go for the 4 wheel, which i think is overkill, since 70% of your braking is done with your front brakes.  I do admit it is gorgeous and it is something I eventually will do. For now, I just did the front brake kit.

I also thought it was completely idiotic to get those huge 380mm rotor Brembos since you can ONLY run 19inch wheels.  I needed a BBK that could fit over 18inch wheels.

Special thanks to Simon and Danny @ RennSPEC


Today was a long day.  Today was the day that the BBK would be installed.  It was a 2 hour install, but we did take our sweet time.  What was great about today was I was able to remove the POS Rogue Engineering crapanese 10mm spacers off the rear and put on the extremely HIGH QUALITY H&R Spacers.  These had no issues what so ever sliding onto the wheel hub.  What was funny, and my 2 friends there helping me can attest to this, the Rogue Engineering spacers took SOOOO long and so much elbow grease to remove the spacers.  It was ridiculous.  Either way I am glad they are gone and I can claim i only have 1 RE part on my car…the Section 2, which will be coming off in the winter.  The H&R Spacers are much higher quality and look great.  I put 15mm spacers on the rear, and 12mm spacers up front.  The car looks VERY beastly.



The other thing that Lightwerkz got me on was the DIY Clutch stop.  Why give 2 dupes in a garage $20 when you can DIY for under $5?

(OEM Clutch stop on the left, DIY on the right – pretty much just allows the clutch to be engaged sooner-i.e. shorter distance required to depress/release clutch)


The BBK install was done well.  Took our time, but well worth it.  I have waited 12 years for yellow brakes and finally have them.

And on they went.  I would like to thank HossMP and Lightwerkz for all their assistance today.

Thanks so much guys.  The brakes and the brake pads are interesting, and eventually will be awesome.

Here are the pics

Thanks for reading


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