Pedals fit for the Ultimate Warrior

Installed the Ultimate pedals today with a 3/8 inch wood spacer behind the accelerator pedal to move the pedal closer to be the slightly at the same level as the brake pedal, but not since I would like to have the brake a bit higher, so I can get on the brakes and just slide my foot over to the gas to blip the throttle.

Here is the 2×2 3/8 inch thick piece of plywood

Here is the pattern that we cut out

The thickness of the wood

We then spray painted the wood cutouts and drilled holes into the wood so the screws could get through the wood a bit easier

Pics of the pedals w/out the accelerator

Here is the pedal set complete


On the drive home, I found heel toeing to be a lot easier.  The throttle blipping was quite instantaneous.  I really didn’t need to dip my foot too far to the right, so that was pleasant.

The oem aluminum pedals are very nice, but in all honesty, the Ultimate Pedals are [B]WORTH[/B] the extra $100 or so.  Sure paying $170+ for pedals seems ridiculous, but the fact that they are wider and better quality than the OEM ones, I think makes up for the price.  If I could redo it, I would of gotten these instead of the OEM ones for sure.

Thanks for reading.


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