PDA Thunderbolt – August 6 2008

I went to NJ Motorpark this past wednesday for a PDA event.  It was a great time.

I normally run Novice group on all tracks since I am new to it, but after having a terrible time at Poconos PDA driving event in May, where I ran with the novice group, I decided to ask if I could be bumped up to white group.  I would use an instructor for the first few sessions and then I would run solo.

Turns out an old friend of mine, my barber actually, was at the event and was an instructor!  So it worked out well for me.

The track is awesome.  It was a great time going on it.

Here are some pics courtesy of [url]www.tracktimephotos.com[/url]

Coming up on Lightwerkz

After the event, and looking at the progress that I have made as a driver and as an adult over the course of the year, I have decided to do a mini part out.  Its more along the lines of selling the parts that I have added to my car that have done nothing but alter the appearance of the car.

My main items were

-OEM CSL Bootlid

-Smoked lights

-CF grills

-Rogue Engineering El Diablo Muffler

I plan on changing from the Rogue Octane SSK to the AutoSolutions Short Shift Kit.  I also plan on taking off the Rogue El Diablo and putting the OEM muffler, but adding the Rogue EVC valve so I can be as loud as I want to be when I want to.

I already removed the CSL bootlid.

I got some surprises up my sleeve.


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