NJMP Thunderbolt- July 23, 2009

Just came back from NJMP Thunderbolt w/PCA Schattenbaum.  Great group to run with.

I ran in White, which was solo non PCA member group (intermediate) The group was pretty good.  It was quick, and they seemed like they knew what they were doing as the passing was almost everywhere, which was great.  At first I was wary, but the people seemed experienced enough and where they directed, I went.

Last time at the glen I had the EML light which was caused by oil residue in the Throttle Positioning sensor.  Luckily, I replaced my TPS, and the car ran great this time around.  No problem, and thanks to the recommendation from Nrubenstein, i was maxing out each gear better.  The car was reacting better.  I also was more conscious about my braking and trying to carry more speed throughout the turns.  Unfortunately my traqmate crapped out on me (said memory was full). No idea what that is about.  I had to erase all my sessions – seems like the traqmate stores ALOT of memory on there.  My best time was 1:38.99 which was a full 2 seconds faster than my quickest lap time all of last season at NJMP TBolt. Very happy with that.

One cause of concern – when I put in the EVO Sport Pulleys, I replaced my SHOT AC belt with a replacement from AutoZone.  That snapped today! The car ran fine, but driving home in the rain and humid weather, sucked w/no AC.  Looks like Tischer will get more of my business.  $20 ain’t so bad!

In other news, 04E46M3OC is a bastard and has a dope steering wheel and I want one. Lol. No really, I think i am going to get one.

A few reasons.

– my closest friend Lightwerkz was involved in a spin at Watkins Glen that most of you are probably aware of.  Luckily he is in good health but his car is not.  Today, a friend of ours spun into the tire wall at NJMP.  When he came back he said “Thank God the AirBags didn’t go off”.  Which got me to thinking.  if i were to, god forbid/knock on wood,  spin and hit the wall, and lets said I am ok but my air bags deploy – thats another 2-3k (air bag in steering wheel, airbag in passenger dash, and most likely windshield if the cover pops open). Why take that risk?

– i run harnesses whenever I drive the car (4point on the street, 6 on the track)  I should really deactivate my air bag

– i easily could just undo a single airbag sensor, and keep the oem steering wheel – but I love to keep it fresh!

I plan on picking up a Momo Steering Wheel Hub from Stable Energies in Garfield NJ, and definitely a Momo Steering wheel in the next few days.

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