NJMP Lightning – Track Time 4 Cars – September 9, 2008

Today the NJ Track Crew, me and Lightwerkz, went to NJMP Lightning Track Time 4 Cars event.

It was a great time.  More of an open track, than an HPDE. Like Lightwerkz said in his journal, there were some noobs on the track, that held things up but it was a fun time all in all.

There were 3 groups:

Black – advanced drivers track cars essentially

Yellow – Intermediate


We were supposed to get eight 15 minute sessions.  Unfortunately that was all ended by a freak storm, and we only had four 15 minute sessions..  All in all there were only 8 cars in our group, so it worked out for the best.  Most of the time you were alone or chasing someone and passing them.

My first 2 sessions on the track were interesting.  The first one I went out there and ripped it.  I found the track easy and I just started cruising.  Not sure why just didn’t want to rip it.   I was keeping the car in 4th and 5th gear most of the time which was giving me that “laid back approach”.  The track is mostly a 3-4-(maybe 5) gear track.

My last event at NJMP was at Thunderbolt and I found the track so challenging.  On my way home I realized I was really wringing out the RPM on each turn at T-Bolt and working the brakes.  I was not doing that here, which was a problem and was making me slow.

What was nice was testing out the square set up.  The car feels very stable and the “additional” weight that I have added (OEM bootlid and bumper and muffler) did not affect the car at all.  By the 3rd and 4th session I started to stay in 3rd and 4th gear more and the caboose of the M train was trying to catch up to Lightwerkz, but I couldn’t.  Kudos to Lightwerkz for really ripping it out there.  Thats my homie and he was really killing it! Cheers.

I did experience some slight brake fade in the 4th session, but it wasnt too bad.  I recently flushed my brake fluids, so that shouldn’t of happened, but I was really working them hard.  Guess the pads are wearing down as well.  This is my 4th event on them.  I am thinking that it might be time to make an upgrade.  Not sure.

Anyways, I haven’t taken many pics of my car since I changed everything up, so I wanted to share a few pics of my car.  Recently added are the OEM M3 Bumper, Volk TE37 in bronze (18×9.5 et35 all around), clear corners.

Hope you enjoy them.

Our system:

What we were facing!

Thanks for looking guys.


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