New Exhaust Set Up

New exhaust set up

1. Dixis Muffler

2. Euro Cats

The Dixis Muffler

What a great piece of engineering.  It is the original design, compared to the rip off job that RE did on it.  Although it is fairly expensive new, it is truly tied with the Supersprint Race as the best muffler on the market.  The sound, the weight, and the beauty of the piece is astonishing. Definitely worth every penny.


Initial impressions: wow.  It is so light.  I actually held it up with one hand when installing it.  It only utilized 2 hangars upon install.  I am not crazy about the burnt blue titanium tip look but its cool.


It is sensational. the start up sounds a bit like the rogue, but when you get on it, it is phenomenal.  sounds like nothing i have ever heard, and ive heard most of the popular exhausts.  there is no drone whatsoever, which is weird, since almost all exhausts have a drone.  the sound when downshifting w/this exhaust is fantastic.  Me and Lightwerkz plan on doing some sound clips this week or next weekend.  be patient.

Euro Cats

Pretty straight forward install.  Gotta thank tonggi for extending the o2 sensors.  I removed the entire exhaust system and it took it all apart.

I used new nuts, bolts, torx bolts, gaskets and mufler coupler ring and redid the exhaust.

The euro cats were beautiful.  What more can you say more than OEM fitment FTW?  I put them on, and i finally put my EGT back on, which I hadn’t ran in 1 year, but was told by a few BMW people that it is VERY important to our sensitive engine.  The O2 sensors were extended and routed around the Cats and through the transmission tunnel, around the air box and to the control unit.

With the euro cats, I had to “de-shark” my car.  This involved me hooking up my car to battery charger and running the program again.  The reason I de-sharked was because the Shark only “turns down” the post o2 sensors, so the car doesn’t throw a check engine light, since I was catless.  When going to an inspection service center will still read the o2 sensors and cats as NOT READY, which means FAIL!

The de-sharking was fine.  I used Lightwerkz’ Peake Auto Scan to see if the O2 sensors and Cats were inactive.  I got nothing.  The sport button is back to its weird herky jerkyness 🙂

I will give Mother Nature a break and just run these cats — or get a resonated section 1 in there.  I like the no rasp.


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