Lightwerkz Quad-Projector Retrofit


One of my favorite modifications that I had performed on my M3 has to be the Lightwerkz TFX Retrofit.  I drive my car about 75% of the time at night and usually it is in areas that are not well lit.  I loved the Lightwerkz TFX retrofit because it was

Reasonable in price

  • The lighting output is so powerful and bright
  • The color flicker is a cool perk
  • The cutoff – the crispness of lighting output is straight ahead, and can clearly be seen – whatever is under that cutoff, is lit up
  • The lighting increases car presence, which is a safety benefit that ALL drivers should take advantage of

I thoroughly enjoyed the TFX Retrofit, but after viewing Lightwerkz special quad projector, I really needed to step it up.

I went to the Lightwerkz office in Clifton, NJ, and we sat down and we discussed what I really wanted in a lighting set up.  I wanted something unique, as well as functional.  I love how the ALMS cars have different color lighting to signify car classes.  I wanted to incorporate that, as well as incorporate a “blacked out” headlight look.  Purely just black abyss headlights, and when turned on, you’d be :drool:’ing all over your seat.  We decided that we were going to do a quad projector, that was completely painted black, and to make things a bit saucy, we would add a YELLOW 3000K bulb to the inner projector.  The reason for this is two fold:

  1. Aesthetic
  2. Functional – at a track, instead of waiting to pass someone, they will surely see you approaching them with a nice yellow light. no longer need to dance behind them, the light is your way of moving them out of your way

We decided to go ahead with this project since it would be a very distinguishing lighting set up as well as would really push the boundaries of Lightwerkz’ already insane popularity.  As usual, the low beam would be a Phillips D2S 5000k bulb that would give you that fantastic color flicker that is a Lightwerkz signature.  The shroud is painted black and the color just pops out with a white/blue color that is so powerful and so nice looking.  The inner projector has the YELLOW/GOLD/MAIZE 3000k bulb, that really gives the car a great aggressive and different look.  What makes this also special is that I have the power to enable the inner projectors when I want. Lightwerkz’ wired up the inner projectors to the fog light button, so when I put the parking lights on and turn on the fog’s, BOOM, I got yellow lights.  For those that still have fog lights, Lightwerkz can wire up a special switch  just for the inner projectors if need be.

All in all I am very very happy with the Lightwerkz Quad Retrofit, as I usually am with Lightwerkz projects.  The individuality that the kit gives me is awesome, but for me, function outweighs form.  I am glad that these lights will keep the road ahead of me bright as possible and far superior to all forms of automotive lighting, as well as give me safety at the track, as they will help other drivers see me.  I would like to thank Lightwerkz for once again making a tremendous project that is very nice to look at as well as being beneficial to the drivers safety.  Another wonderful innovation by the best lighting company out there, Lightwerkz.

Now, here are some pictures

Both Lights On

Inner Projectors On only

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