Hyperfest 2009 – June 20-21

Hyperfest 2009.  The name is synonomous with douchebaggery – as the Dough, Birdman, Stee, and Fast Eddie calls it.  I had been excited to sign up for this event, since I heard Summit Point Main was an exciting track.

As the days came closer to the track event, I actually was considering cancelling, for unknown reasons, but I am really glad that I decided to go to this event, as this has become my #2 favorite track on the east coast, right behind Watkins Glen International.

Let’s start with a map of Summit Point Main.


There are 10 turns on this track.  A lot of elevation changes, and some nice turns that are reminiscent of VIR.  Many of the turns are blind, and you really need to trust the car and your control of the car – which is refreshing.  I also enjoyed the elevation changes – few uphill, some downhill, and some turns where you really can haul ass.

I enjoyed this track because of how technical it is, and how rewarding it can be if you get the turns right.  The whole turn 4-5-6-7, if you carry enough speed there, and get it right, you catch up with everyone, and you pass everyone on 8 or at least by the straight

We drove to W.Virginia on Friday.  We left at 4pm and got there at around 8:30PM.  Not a bad ride – minimal traffic, and kept a good pace.  Had Five Guys burgers that night – worst decision of the trip.  I was dared that I could not eat 2 double cheeseburgers.  I put those skeptics to rest w/my performance, but I definitely felt it the all day on Saturday.

Saturday was our first day at the track.  Since there was an entire Hyperfest area, where there were car shows, wanna be import models, roll over contests, drift contests, dynos, etc., it was awesome to just roll into the place.  Compared to VIR, this track is also in the middle of nowhere. Just doesn’t take as long to get to it!

There were a lot of people at this event.  unfortunately the weather gods were not with us on day 1.  It was a complete wash out on session 1 – which was good, since I could drive slowly and figure out the track.  Session 2 was nice and dry.  Here is where I met one of the best instructors I have ever had – Vince – who is a forum member here.  He taught me the line, what the car can handle, what speed to be at at turns, when to throttle, when to brake, what gear to be in, etc.  He tried to tell me everything except feed me a cookie while I was driving.  This is the type of instructor I like.  Remains quiet the first lap or so, to see what you are capable of, and then will add his own critique.  Most appreciated.

Session 2 was really fun because of all this.  I really got a handle on the track, what turn was coming up, and how to approach it.  Really liked that I was learning quickly.  Session 3 was a 75% dry, 25% rain.  There were portions of the track where it was raining, and other portions where it was sunny.  Really weird, but cool, since you had to remember and pay attention to where you were and what you were doing.

Saturday night I slept like a baby.

Sunday was a great day.  It was 20% chance of rain, but the rain gods gave us a break and made it 80 degrees, sunny, and humid as the bangbus in August.  It was wonderful running w/Lightwerkz.  Although he is faster than me, I finally kept up with him to a point where I could see him.  It wasn’t that he was peacing on me – but maybe that was because there was traffic :shifty:  Eitherway, Joka, Lightwerkz, and myself, ran the proverbial “M Train” on everyone.  I was signed off to run Solo at Summit Point Main after my first session when I lapped a car on the track twice. :rulaiz:

Vince rode with me on my first session, but said that I was picking up speed and was doing a good job monitoring traffic and handling the car.  I was only driving the car 6/10ths, but I was on the right road.  I also got a ride with Vince to see what an E46 M3 can do, and boy oh boy is it a complete monster.  It is SOOOO capable, I laugh when people say they need that extra oomph in order to get over the top.  I laugh at myself for bitching about weight, when this guy, as well as others, can take the E46 M3 w/coilovers, a full interior, and nothing MAJOR done and just stomp everything in site.  It really puts the whole “modding bug” thing in check.  This car is such a performer.

The chase cam and traqmate continued to give me trouble.  I only had 2 sessions where the recording went through, and I got accurate video/data syncing.  Still gotta figure that out.

Here is a video of my 2nd session on day 2:

All in all, the track is phenomenal. Although the grounds are not as great as they can be, and you would expect them to be since it is a very popular track on the East Coast, you can forget all that after a few sessions on this track.  It is a combination of high speed and really technical areas.  I really love this track.

As a driver, I think I am on the right road.  There are still times when I find myself shifting too early or not downshifting enough (thanks Nick325), not using all of the track (everyone), as well as other criticisms.  If I can work on those areas, as well as the areas that come up, I think I can advance as a driver, and hopefully become an instructor, which is one of my goals as of now!

Thanks for reading and watching!

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