HANS Device


One of the main objectives this past summer was to increase the safety of myself as well as the vehicle.  It started with running harnesses and a roll bar with the fixed back seats as well as buy nomex undergarments for my body.  The final piece of safety that I wanted to get this off season was the Hans Device.

For those not familiar with the Hans Device, it is a piece of equipment worn around a drivers neck.  It rests on their shoulder and collar bone and is clamped down with harnesses and has a sliding tether that connects the helmet to the hans device. The Hans Device gives you that 90 degree visibility of right and left, and full up and down.  The main point of the hans device is to keep you from getting whip lash and serious neck and spinal injury in the event of an accident.

Here is an image of a frontal crash with a driver in mid crash not wearing a hans device

Here is an image of a front crash, same conditions, but a driver mid crash wearing a Hans Device

The driver remains in their seat and their neck is in a safe position.  Now of course will the head tilt forward, but the severity of the neck movement will be a lot less and will be safer.

The Hans device is not just a HPDE thing, but is actually [B]MANDATED AND REQUIRED[/B] by Formula 1, CART Racing, Nascar, WRC, and the list goes on.

It was the final piece of the safety puzzle for me and I am glad that I finally jumped the hurdle and got it.

They gave me a free hat!

The new feature on the Hans Device is the quick-release.  It is SOO easy.  pretty much you slide into your seat. put your lap and sub belts on.  Then put on the hans.  Put the helmet on.  Tighten your helmet.  reach for the “sliding tether” on the hans.  Hook it onto the Hans portion that you retrofit onto your helmet, and snap on both sides.  Put on the shoulder harnesses  Boom you are done.  To release them, pull down on the straps and you are good to go.

There are some rules that must be followed w/the Hans.

-the harnesses must remain clearly OVER the hans, no overhanging

-the harnesses must not exceed 3 inches from each other on the roll bar

-the harnesses must not be OVER 2.5 inches under the harness holes – not a problem as the recaro pp i have are money for this set up

-the helmet, hans device, and seat must remain parallel to one another while the driver is seated.

Other than that its click it and forget it.

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