Ground Control Front Control Arm Bushings


VIR is a few weeks away, March 27-29, 2009, and the scrambling has officially begun.  I got the pedals, brace, muffler, bar, seats installed.  Rmaining are the Vorshlag motor mounts and transmission mounts.

Today was fun.  I went over to Tonggi for him to experiment with his new 12 ton press on my Ground Control Front Hybric Control Arm Bushings.  These FCAB are really great.  They have a Delrin ring and have a nylon inner bushing, which makes for a lot less play and a great amount of steering input increase.  The only problem with these types of parts are the noises that will happen down the road.  On to the pictures

The baby on the operating table

First was to remove the OEM FCAB, which were in pretty good condition.  Here is tonggi using a tool that Cntrvrsy gave him

Here are the FCABs removed from the car

You can see a weak point where Tonggi’s finger is

Here are some images of Tonggi using his drill to press the FCAB into the lolipop

Use lots of copper anti-seize

Final product


From the 30-40 miles that I did drive the car there is a significant improvement in steering input and braking.  The loss of slop is magnified on on-ramps when less steering input is required to make nice and smooth turn.  These FCABs will force me to re-learn being smooth at the track.  I really like them and can’t wait to see how they are on the track.

I do think that since my oem ones were still in new like condition that the difference was not as intense as it would be for other users, but after researching the oem and powerflex fcabs, which usually crack after track usage, I really wanted to get some heavy duty bushings up front- considering steering input is so important.

Other than these being really tight when in use, Tonggi can attest to this, the install on these things was a PITA :thumbsdown:  THey are so tight, we needed to dremel the tips of the bushing a bit to allow them to slide into the delrin ring.  They will expand as usage increases.  Other than that, it was straightforward.

I would like to thank Tonggi, Lightwerkz, Hossmp, and definitely Bimmerworld for helping me find such a tremendous product.

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