Getting focused…

Over the course of the 20 months that I have been a BMW M3 owner, I have gone from driving on a stock car (few aesthetic modifications) for one full year, to spending approximately 30k into my car.  The time came where I had to alter the “look” and the “function” of the car.

I am a huge fan of the CSL.  To me, it is the 5th greatest car to ever be made, the F40 / 996 GT2 / 964 Porsche Turbo 3.6S / and the Ferrari 360 CS are above it in my eyes.  I loved making my car look like one as much as I could.  The activity of getting parts that are very rare appealed to me since I am a sneaker collector, and finding that exclusive and limited pair, was very similar.  I needed to stop.

As some of you may have seen, I have started to sell a few of my parts.  I have a new vision of what I want my car to be.  This past summer I have partaken in 15 auto-x and 4 HPDEs.  I am signed up for at least 8-10 more auto-x and 4 more HPDE.  The car has performed brilliantly.  I have gone from

-OEM 18s for auto-x w/BF TDK KAs

-Square OEM 18s for auto-x / track w/275/18 Falken Azeni RT615

-Volk Racing CE28N w/Bstone Potenza RE01R for the track and autox

-Staggered RAC RS110 w/ 265 all around Advan Neovas for auto-x.

The car performed the best w/the last two set ups. I loved the feeling of the staggered set up, but I also loved the feeling of the 265s all around.  The Potenza RE01R are a favorite tire of mine, and I will be scared when they discontinue them – which will happen within the next year.  All I know is that I will try to purchase as many as I can at clearance prices when that does happen 🙂

Overall, I love the way my Volks looked.  So aggressive. So strong, so unique.  The only mistake I made with them was not ordering them in a square set up and in 19s.  At the time, I really was more interested in how the car looked rather than trying to optimize the car as much as I could.

If I could go back in time, the only things I would get for the car, albeit a long list:

-TC Kline Suspenion

-the CSL brakes -including the ferodo pads, ss lines, ate fluid

-the interior as it is

-the RACs


The rest of the stuff – body parts, the volks, and the muffler – useless.  They are gorgeous, but when you are into motorsports, they become useless and you realize money is tied up into this – and what do they really provide.  Ok, I will be the first to admit the wheels did have a purpose, but the inability to rotate tires and the price you pay for 19 inch tires – it eventually adds up.  Imagine a set of 18 inch tires costing 1000, and a set of 19 inch tires costing 1400.  That 400 adds up especially if you change tires 2 times a year.

The muffler – some people say its worth the $1000 for a muffler since the oem sound is so bad.  This is a opinion based argument, so, I will just leave it as – I don’t warrant $1000 a value for a muffler.

The Body parts – I love them.  I absolutely almost cried, Lightwerkz is the witness, when I had to remove the bootlid.  Its perfection.  But I got alot of$ for it, so my tears were wiped away w/Ben Franklin :taser:  I did sell my OEM CSL bootlid, but I am keeping my VCSL front bumper.  Other than it looking really pretty, the guys who installed it, didn’t give me back my carbon kevlar carrier, so I am screwed. :owned: It does look pretty.

So what has been removed

-OEM CSL Bootlid

-Rogue El Diablo Muffler

-19 inch Volk CE28N

-Depo Smoked Corners

– Carbon Fiber Grill (kidney and side)

I have decided to use the RAC RS110s all the time – track and street (the little street driving that I do).  I decided to buy some RE01Rs for them.  Paid $240 a tire from  I love these tires on my volks, so I can’t wait to feel them all around.

As of right now, I am very happy with how the car performs.  I just envision the car differently now, and I can’t wait to lead you guys towards the newest creation.

After attending a track session at NJ MP Thunderbolt, we, Lightwerkz and I, came to the conclusion that we had a lot of money tied up in beautiful body parts and wheels that, although extremely pretty, did very little in increasing our performance and our car’s durability at the track.  This meant change was on the horizon.

The 2 target points that I initially focused on were the most expensive points of my mod history.  The OEM CSL bootlid and the Rogue El Diablo muffler.

The story of the OEM CSL bootlid was similar to most M3forum members.  I loved how the CSL looked from the moment I saw it.  To see other members have it and to see it in person, it became even prettier and MORE appealing.  I had to have it.  I was going to buy Vorsteiner, but why risk adjustability and fitment and have a non-oem part on the car.  I went with OEM.  Price breakdown:

– OEM CSL Bootlid : $2300

– Paint & Install : $500

– Emblems & wiring: $300

Total: $3100.

I spent $3100 on a part that, albeit looks F-ing phenomenal, does very very little for me other than makes my car look spectacular.  So I got to thinking, does the US or Euro Spec look TERRIBLE in stock form?  NO!!!!  It looks great.  The CSL look is just another look! A nice look, but it doesn’t make the OEM M3 look ugly!!!!

So I sold my OEM CSL Bootlid and took a few hundred hit – pretty much the paint & install was lost.  I paid a few hundred to have my car look like a CSL for a bit.

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