Breakdown at the Glen

Ran the track with the 600 lb springs.  Immediately felt a difference as the rear end of the car was WAY stiffer and felt really good.  I need to up the springs up front to 600 as well I believe.  I did not adjust the rebound, as the rear has always been set to full stiff.

The car was handling wonderfully.  The brakes had a hard time adjusting to the cold ambient temperatures, so that was interesting the first sesion on the first day.

The next 3 sessions were awesome.

Day 2 blew for me as I turned my car on that morning and got an EML light.  Went into limp mode and restarted and drove to the track.  As I was about to get on the track for my first session, the EML light came back on and I did a victory lap and pitted in.

Got 4 codes thanks to the Bavarian Auto Scan Tool:

code 230 : egas nominal/actual comparison

code 120 – comparison throttle valve pot

code 118 throttle valve pot 1.

code 79: exhaust temperature sensor

We narrowed it down to probably the throttle positioning sensor on the front of the intake box.  I swapped it with my friends car and the car ran fine and showed no codes.  Ordered the part from Tischer BMW today for $77 and should arrive on Monday.  Sadly, the EML and faulty TPS ruined my 2nd day at the glen, but luckily it was not a serious code.

Anywho, the springs rock.  I am thinking about dropping the rear of the car another 1/4 inch and the front 1/2 inch.  The car feels alot better at home, and since there is not much street driving, I think that this should be a good set up.

Will let you know on/before July 23.


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