Alignment @ Mr.M Car

So I headed down to the airport today so I could fly!  If you have no idea what I am talking about, you aren’t familiar w/Mr.MCar.  He is the utmost expert in M cars in the NorthEast.

When I first installed my TC Kline suspension, I got my car aligned and corner balanced at EuroTire in Fairfield NJ.  They did an ok job.  I only say OK since they corner balanced my car and there was no need for me to get that since my endlinks had the stock preload on them since htey were stock…  They also told me I could get more than -2.0 degrees camber in the rear w/out Adjustable Rear control arms.  The most stock control arms can give us, is at the max -1.9 degrees.  They also didn’t check my ride height, and if they were to, they would charge me extra $

At the time I thought everything was fine, since I thought I meticulously checked the ride height.  Well boy oh boy was I wrong.  I was off about 1/4 an inch from driver side to the passenger side in the rear, and about 1/16th off in the front.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me set up the reason why I needed a new alignment.

In my previous posts, you may have seen  that I had my Rogue RTABs removed and installed the Powerflex RTABs.  After doing this, the rear toe is completely out of whack.  I wanted to get an alignment, and since my last alignment/corner balance, I tried to put my car on a diet – Seats were the major bulimic blow, I really wanted to have my car corner balanced.

I decided to go with Mr. M Car as my Alignment and Corner Balancing artist this time.  He is located in Farmingdale, NJ…about an hr drive from NYC.  Its worth it.  He is located at Monmouth Airport – in an old airplane hangar none the less. Its a nice little hangar with 2 lifts and 3 E30 M3’s parked inside teasing and taunting you everytime you turn around. :rofl3:

The first thing that Don, Mr.M Car, did was check the ride height on each corner.  He immediately said that my rear was too low and needed to come up a bit.  I didn’t question him as he is Mr. M car, and knows what he is talking about.   He went around each corner and measured and said this side needs to go up this much, this side needs to go that much higher, etc.  I thought that I was gonna have to adjust the ride height on my own, but I was wrong. Don adjusted the ride height free of charge.  If he didn’t the corner balance and alignment wouldn’t be correct.  Right here I realized I was in a great shop.  I had been told by other BMW CCA members that Don is the man to see as he takes care of his customers like none other.  I recalled how EuroTire would charge me an hour of labor to adjust each side’s ride height.  What a ripoff!

So after he checked the ride height, he put the car on the lift and his co-worker, Chris, and himself inspected the car and noticed that the front passenger brake line was installed in front of the adjustable end links that were recently installed.  I thought I would have to do this on my own, but Don assured me and said, “We’re gonna take care of it.  I would feel guilty, if we let you leave here with that on your car.  Along w/the ride height.  It will all be perfect”

I wanted to break down and cry.  What honesty.  What customer service.  This is an INDY shop that CARES.  And them caring about you equates in you, the customer, recommending their business at any chance you can get.

Don asked me if I track or auto-x.  I said both and try to auto-x every week.  He said that since I have oem rear control arms, the max camber I could get would be high -1 degrees, probably -1.7 or -1.8.  This confused me as EuroTire never mentioned this to me and said Ok, when I requested I wanted -2.2 in the rear last time I got my car aligned.

The corner balance came first and apparently my car weighs 3310 w/1/4 tank of gas, and everything that comes with the car in it.  I would say 3300 w/NOTHING but Gas in the car.  They balanced it well and I was happy with how evenly distributed the car was.

The alignment was next and I asked for an aggressive front camber setting.  Don said I would suggest -2.7 in the front.  It worked out well.

All in all I would highly recommend Mr. M Car as your Indy Shop.  Don is a stand up guy and a wonderful member of the M community.  Not only was he intelligent on M matters, he was the type of shop owner that realizes you are an enthusiast and does not try to stifle your presence in the shop.  First of all, there is no waiting room.  You stand where they stand.  When they fix something or adjust something on your car, you can get under there and see whats going on.  That type of behavior was actually promoted!  What a great shop and what a great experience.

The next items for me would be the Rogue Engineering 2-Way adjustable Control arms, so I can get more negative camber from the rear, and probably a new shock since my front driver side shock has oil residue.  Gotta talk to TC Kline about that.

Either way, my experience at Mr.M Car was phenomenal.  I would like to thank Don (Mr.M Car himself) and his co-worker Chris, who did a phenomenal job on my car.  I would highly highly highly recommend Mr.M Car for ANY of your M car work.  ([url][/url])

THe price.  I paid $275.  Great price for an alignment, corner balance, ride height adjustment, endlink fix.  I got more than what I paid for.  What is more important is I found an amazing shop that I plan on visiting as often as I can!

The car feels amazing.  I am very happy w/the set up right now!

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